Frankenstein Questions and Answers
by Mary Shelley

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What lessons can be learned from the novel Frankenstein as they would pertain to the modern reader?

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One abiding lesson is that we shouldn't exploit nature for our own ends. Far too often, we look at nature as an object, something to be controlled, measured and used. We no longer seem to have any understanding of the mystery of nature, its innate value, and so we tend not to treat nature with the reverence it deserves.

An almost religious reverence for nature was a very important element in Romanticism, an artistic and intellectual movement of which Frankenstein is a prime example. Like Frankenstein himself, we often succumb to arrogance and hubris, thinking that because we have the power of reason, that somehow gives us the right to lord it over creation. One of Frankenstein's avowed objectives in creating the monster is to have a race of creatures all of his very own, a race that will treat him like a god, out of gratitude for its creation. By controlling nature, we can, like Frankenstein, feel like gods, completely invincible in our sovereignty over the natural world.

But as well as...

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