How is third person used in "Interpreter of Maladies," and what is its effectiveness?

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This short story is written from a third-person limited omniscient perspective, with the limited omniscient focus on the character of Mr. Kapasi. The narrator begins to tell us of Mr. Kapasi's thoughts and feelings very early in the text, and this continues as the tour guide begins to develop hopes that he might have some kind of long-distance relationship with Mrs. Das, as she reveals her terrible secret to him in the hopes that he can assuage her pain (or guilt), and as he realizes that the ideas he entertained about the pair of them will never come to be. This narrative point of view draws us closer to Mr. Kapasi, encouraging us to sympathize with and relate to him more than any other character; we are more apt to judge Mr. and Mrs. Das for their poor parenting and bad...

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