How are the things listed below similar? nuclear envelopes & school offices  chloroplast & cafeteria staff golgi apparatus & front desk workers

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The nuclear envelope and a school office both house the administration. The inside of these places is where all the important decisions are being made. The membrane (office) also serves as a barrier and a gateway; not just anyone can go through, they have to check in first and be given permission.

The chloroplasts and cafeteria workers make and distribute food to the cell (school). The food that the chloroplasts produce is glucose. Just like a single cafeteria worker can't do the whole job on their own, a single chloroplast can't either, so there are usually many of them.

The Golgi apparatus and the front desk workers are in charge of the "paperwork", making sure everything gets to where it needs to be by packing it up with a permission slip or a box and shipping it to its final destination. They basically act like the post office.

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