How do these spheres interact? 1. lithosphere and atmosphere 2. lithosphere and hydrosphere 3. lithosphere and biosphere 4. hydrosphere and atmosphere 5. hydrosphere and biosphere 6. atmosphere and biosphere

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Lithosphere and atmosphere: The wind blows dust and sand to new locations and we get new land features. Volcanic eruptions add gases to the atmosphere while changing the lithosphere as well. 

Lithosphere and hydrosphere: Water causes erosion and transport of eroded material and changes the landform. Rivers are a good example of how water erodes land and one of the results (of erosion, transportation and deposition) is the formation of river deltas. 

Lithosphere and biosphere: Plants grow in soil and exchange nutrients with it. We live on land.

Hydrosphere and atmosphere: The evaporation of water adds water vapors to the atmosphere. Reaeration of water by the atmosphere maintains the dissolved oxygen levels in surface water bodies.

Hydrosphere and biosphere: Zooplankton and phytoplankton depend on water bodies for nutrients and oxygen. Fish live in the water by obtaining oxygen from the dissolved oxygen in water. 

Atmosphere and biosphere: Animals, plants, etc., obtain oxygen from the atmosphere and release carbon dioxide to it during respiration. Plants also exchange gases with the atmosphere during photosynthesis.

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