How is the theme of secrecy/deception and fear brought out in The Chrysalids? Secrecy is brought out in the novel, through the ways Sophie, David and his fellow telepaths have to live. They have to live in hiding, to protect themselves of the horrible consequences of sterilisation (of women) and banishment into the Fringes. Sophie has to stay away from the society in order to reduce suspicion of her deviancy. David and the telepaths have to mislead people if they become suspicious of them. They need to make sure that no one finds out about their telepathic abilities. It makes it difficult for them to live in the society full of norms without being discovered, however they have to live in secrecy for their own good.

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Your description sounds pretty thorough. I would say that this is a dystopia, or a cautionary tale of a supposedly perfect world that is in fact not perfect. The theme of deception and fear is demonstrated by a harsh and controlling society, for the reasons you described.
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