How is the theme of power presented in The Kite Runner?

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Throughout the novel, Khaled Hosseini explores and examines the theme of power by illustrating the social hierarchy of Afghanistan, as well as the personal relationships between characters. Ali and Hassan are Hazaras, which is a Shia ethnic minority in the predominately Sunni nation of Afghanistan. The Hazaras are discriminated against and marginalized throughout Afghan society. Baba and Ali are ethnic Pashtuns, which are the ruling Sunni majority in their home country of Afghanistan. Despite their close relationships with Baba and Amir, Ali and Hassan are their servants and viewed as second-class citizens. Baba and Amir never openly express their true feelings of love and appreciation for Ali and Hassan because of social pressure, due to the class hierarchy in Afghanistan. Ali and Hassan are essentially powerless in Afghan society and have limited rights and privileges. For example, Hassan does not go to school and is continually harassed by Pashtun children and adults.

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