How is the theme of "Everything happens for a reason related" to the title?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Romiette and Julio is a title that plays off of Shakespeare's work.  The use of the title helps to establish the idea that these two people who are in love will have to face some level of challenge in order for their emotions to be validated and recognized.  The use of the title helps to enhance the theme of "everything happens for a reason."  It enables the reader to understand that what Romiette and Juilo experience will have relevance and meaning.  Their suffering will not be absurd and devoid of purpose.  The experiences they share as two people being kept apart by social discrimination and personal prejudices have relevance.  These obstacles happen in order to test the emotions that both share.

It is in this idea that the title of the Draper's work connects to the theme of "everything happens for a reason."  Without the title, one is not able to readily invoke the Shakespearean idea of "star crossed lovers" who are kept apart by social configuration.  Romiette and Julio overcome this by the end of the novel.  In doing so, both demonstrate how everything does happen for a reason.  What they experienced enabled them to become stronger in their devotion to one another.