How is  the theme of ambition shown in Anne of Green Gable's life?Give examples of how ambition plays a role in Anne's life.

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In the novel Anne of Green Gables, Anne is an orphan sent to a family that wants to adopt a boy.  Anne wants to show Matthew and his sister Marilla that adopting a girl is just as good as adopting a boy. She helps with whatever work there is to be done to connect with Matthew who is sympathetic to her loneliness.  Matthew takes great pride in Anne and wanting to please him, she works even harder.  Anne's competitive, imaginative nature impels her to compete in school with Gilbert, her only intellectual equal.  She wants to be the best: win the spelling competition, beat Gilbert at any task at school, and later, win the scholarship to further her education.  Anne wants to be a teacher, studies hard for the competition and celebrates when she wins. Her ambition sends her on to school despite having to leave her friend Diana, Marilla, and even Gilbert.  I believe that for a while in her life, ambition and the need to prove herself as superior such as using her vocabulary in town are the only things which keep Anne going. 


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