Glengarry Glen Ross Questions and Answers
by David Mamet

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How do their jobs affect Moss, Aaronow and Levene?

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There seems to be something draining and debilitating about the type of work these salesmen do. Ricky Roma has not been visibly affected yet because he is still young and full of energy and great expectations. But the other three principals, Dave Moss, Shelly Levene, and George Aaronow, all seem old before their times. It is almost as if they are being punished for all the lying and cheating they have to do in order to sell worthless or grossly overvalued land. They have to keep radically irregular hours because they need to get husbands and wives together on their sits. They have to get both signatures on the contract, and this usually means going to their homes at night, perhaps sitting there for hours making friendly conversation, and then either having a few drinks to celebrate or a few drinks to cheer them up because they failed to close. They do not eat regular meals at regular times. They gobble down short orders in restaurants that seem to stay open all night. The fact that...

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