How is Their Eyes Were Watching God feminist?

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In addition to the instances mentioned in the other answer, Their Eyes Were Watching God reveals itself as a feminist novel via the frame story that bookends the novel. At the very beginning, Janie is returning to her old home in Eatonville, where she lived with her second husband Joe Starks . Upon appearing on the road, in dirty overalls, the locals begin to talk about her. She pays them very little mind and continues past. Shortly after, her friend Pheoby leaves the gossips behind on the porch and goes to Janie's house. After a few minutes of talking, Janie brings up the gossips, saying, "Well, Ah see Mouth-Almighty is still sittin' in de same place. And Ah reckon they got me up in they mouth now" (5). When Pheoby acknowledges that the gossips where talking about Janie, Janie adds, "If God don't think no mo' 'bout 'em then Ah do, they's a lost ball in de high grass" (5). Here Janie shows that she doesn't care about the opinions of anyone else in town. She has returned from her long...

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