How are The Tell-tale Heart," "The Black Cat," and "The Most Dangerous Game" similiar?i know how they are different just need similarities .

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All three stories represent the evil nature of mankind. Poe's stories ("Cat" and "Heart") often demonstrate theme of man's inherent dark nature.  In Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game," the author uses General Zaroff to show the sinister baseness of humans and also demonstrates that even a "good" individual such as Rainsford can seek vengeance when pushed far enough.

In Poe's two stories, the narrators seem to have given themselves over not only to a maniacal madness but also to acting on their evil natures. In "Tell-Tale Heart," the narrator kills his landlord for no other reason than that the landlord "bothered" him.  In "The Black Cat," the narrator plunges an axe into the brain of his wife whom he once loved when she tries to keep him from killing a cat.

Basically, all three stories demonstrate that humans will sometimes act in incredibly violent ways toward one another with seemingly no provocation.

On a stylistic notes, the stories all possess Gothic elements.  "Cat" and "Game" take place in rather mysterious or exotic settings. All three rely upon the reader suspending reality in order to appreciate the stories' effect and characterization.

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