Describe the role that technology has played in benefiting the relationship between businesses and customers.

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The main thing that technology has done to benefit this relationship is to make communications between businesses and their customers simpler and clearer.

Technology, particularly in the form of the internet, allows businesses to convey much more information to their customers than was ever possible in the past.  Customers do not have to guess as much about what they might get as they once did.  They can look carefully at the thing they intend to purchase and be much more certain that it will fit their needs.

Technology also allows much more interactive communication between the business and the customer.  Businesses can conduct surveys of customers to find out what the customers did and did not like about their interaction with the business.  Businesses can use email to quickly contact customers with regard to concerns that the customers might have raised.  In these ways, two-way communication becomes much quicker and simpler (as well as cheaper) than it was in the past.

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