How to teach about land or earth with kindergarten games to let the students have fun?

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parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Check out the following enotes reference for a myriad of science experiments to on this and many other subjects!

Discovery School has several sites as well, including an online boutique where you can order ready-made kits for classroom projects:

owiltz | Student

One way to teach them about the earth / land / soil is to discuss how the earth allows things to grow with the help of other elements like the sun and rain.

In class project:

You need to get your hands on some seeds for small plants; one per child and some soil.  You might ask the principal if you can have some of the soil from outside. You will also need a gardening shovel.

Have each child bring in a sock (preferable one that has lost its mate, lol).

Have each child identify his/her sock.

Have a discussion about how things grow; conditions; what is needed, etc.

Place some soil in each sock along with the seed. Water the sock.

Have students track the growth of their plants through the weaves of the sock.

It's a cute project; have them take their sock home after they have tracked growth.

You could even extend the project to see if rate of growth changes if you place the socks in a sunny place as opposed to a shady place - some socks get plant growth; others don't.  Do a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast growth.  You can do a bunch of extention activities.

Good Luck.