In "How to Talk to Girls at Parties," what do you think Vic sees at the end of the story that upset him so much?

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In this story, two friends, Vic and Enn, go to a party. Vic, who has a way with girls, talks the self-conscious Enn into going. Vic tells his friend not to worry and that they are "just girls," thus making what happens later quite ironic.

Vic, with his handsomeness and charisma, quickly charms who appears to be the prettiest girl at the party, Stella. Within minutes, they are talking and flirting. Enn, on the other hand, meets three girls who talk very strangely. Enn meets Wain's Wain who refers to herself as a second who must go back home to her home to tell the firsts what she has seen. Another girl refers to herself as a tourist who has been to the sun. Another girl, Triolet, refers to herself as a poem. Enn, whose mind is on physical beauty, probably regards all of this as being a little odd, since he remembers it thirty years later, but he stays anyway. The entire time he is mindful that his friend Victor and Stella have gone upstairs; Enn wishes he was suave enough to take a girl...

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