How does Sylvia feel while she's at the toy store in "The Lesson"?

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Before they enter F.A.O. Schwartz, the expensive Fifth Avenue toy store, Sylvia, the other children, and Miss Moore look in the store windows at various items and their prices. This review of the high cost of luxurious—and often unneeded—items, along with their experience in the store, brings out multiple, conflicting feelings in Sylvia. Overall, her frame of mind seems to be unsettled or confused. Outside, when she reads the price-tag on a toy sailboat, for example, she describes her state as “stunned,” and then admits that the expense “pissed me off.” Her curiosity is so strong that she even speaks to Miss Moore, which she usually avoids doing, about the comparative price of a full-size boat.

The act of stepping into the store makes her feel “shy,” which confuses her as well. The store’s interior reminds her of a Catholic church and her awkward feelings the first time she entered one. She feels that the whole group of them is not only out of place but mismatched,...

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