How is suspension of disbelief not essential in the natural sciences?

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Suspension of disbelief refers to someone’s ability to look beyond what they can see or experience in real life. It typically refers to elements of fantasy and surrealism. For example, when we watch Star Wars, we suspend our disbelief and accept that other space communities and creatures exist even though we currently do not have any proof.

When scientists study the natural sciences, they are dealing with elements you can actually experience. For example, when studying biology, you have the ability to dissect an animal and examine how the digestive system is connected. You can look through a telescope and see the stars and planets. You can experience a meteorological event. Suspension of disbelief is removed from the equation through evidence gathered during experiments and observations. Science is based on repeated results and peer reviews to solidify its validity. The premise of scientific knowledge is that it has been tested and proven to be true. There is a high confidence level in the accuracy of the information. You are not expected to accept science with blind faith.

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