How is suspense created in the title of "The Most Dangerous Game?"

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The title creates suspense in three ways. 

First, the word, "most," is a superlative. This means that there could be nothing more than dangerous than the most dangerous. By using this word in the title, it grabs the reader's attention and makes him or her wonder what the most dangerous game might be. This word, "most," therefore, invites curiosity and suspense. 

Second, the word, "dangerous," also increases the suspense, because there is something about this game that is not ordinary. The game that is in view is something that can cause harm. The connotations of life and death are present. 

Finally, the fact that the word "game" is used also creates great suspense. Games usually have a winner and loser. Therefore, the reader wonders who will win and who will lose. They readers also wonders what winning and losing will entail. 

If we put all that together, the title is brilliant. It nicely describes what will take place and casts an ominous tone.  Suspense is the outcome.