How are the surroundings and people described in order to help shape the character of Miss Brill?i mean if they reflect the character of Brill, and how

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the important themes or motifs that is used to contrast Miss Brill as a character is the wonderful weather and joyous sounds of the park.  The day is beautiful and clear and just a little cold but spring is in the air, the band is playingin a more spirited fashion because people have returned to the park in the nice weather.

Yet Miss Brill never speaks with anyone and only thinks of her interactions that are not very dynamic or personal in the way that she observes the interactions of others around her.

The other characters in particular serve to expose her loneliness because they are whispering together or talking about the silly things that people talk about yet she still feels some disdain for them even as she longs to have some connection with the world around her.