Angels in America Questions and Answers
by Tony Kushner

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How are the super objectives of the characters similar in Angels in America and Joe Turner's Come and Gone

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The super objectives of the characters in both dramas are similar because they struggle with how to construct their identity in a world that fails to give adequate guidance to do so. The overarching goal of both sets of characters is how to form identity in a setting where change and transformation is the only real absolute.

In Wilson's drama, the condition of slavery has passed.  In its place is an uncertain future in which African- Americans are confronted with a life of debt slavery in the South, coupled with intense discrimination as slavery's shadow.  At the same time, the Great Migration has made movement to the North a reality for many.  Yet, this does not have any guarantees for racism and lack of opportunity still exists.  The characters in the boarding house all confront this condition, seeking to understand their own identities in a world of...

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