How successful is Lorca in depicting the issues faced by women of this time?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Lorca is able to display the conditions that women face of the time period, but I think that his depiction is more apt for the roles of women that are bound by tradition and custom.  For the women, in Lorca's play, women are limited and constrained by what social conditions dictate and social expectations.  For example, the notion of beauty for women is seen as something that is inherently bad, something that attracts men and therefore is deemed as bad.  When Adela hangs herself out of the lack of being able to act upon her freedom, her mother proudly declares that her daughter "died a virgin."  Lorca's depiction here is one of many examples in which social construction of women's reality is a successful one that shows how freedom and self- expression are elements that are subjugated when it comes to issues of gender.  The house of Bernarda is filled with this element, with women who cannot act upon their own senses of freedom and autonomy because of the social stigma attached to it.  In this light, Lorca is successful in showing what is in the hopes of what should be or, at the very least, what should not be.