How does studying religion help in making a student's life decent? 

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Studying religion has the potential to help a student's academically and personally. Academically, the study of religion encompasses a number of disciplines. You can gain insight into human psychology, for example, by examining the relationship between religious symbols and the human psyche. People like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have done groundbreaking work in the psychology of religion. You can learn sociology by studying religion as well. In fact, the discipline of sociology is deeply tied to the academic study of religion. A number of early sociological works (by people like Emile Durkheim, for example) are grounded in the empirical study of religious artifacts. Archeology is also grounded in the study of ancient religious texts and material culture.  Thus, studying religion can provide a means of accessing numerous academic disciplines and surveying history across many different eras and regions. 

The study of religion can also serve as a means of self-exploration and discovery. Learning about various traditions often gives a person insight into their own personal spiritual journey. You may have the opportunity to examine your own religious or spiritual beliefs and practices. In this way, a student can gain personal clarity, and the academic study of religion can become a means of self-development and personal growth. 

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