How is the structure of a lysosome related to its function?

sciencesolve | Student

The lysosomes are found in cytoplasma of cells of plants and animals and they are produced by Golgi aparatus. The lysosomes are single layer membranous sacs that contain enzymes.

The enzymatic content of lysosomes digests the cellular macromolecules through phagocytosis process and the membranous structure of lysosomes repairs the damaged plasma membrane.

The membranous boundary of lysosomes offers also protection to cell, against the enzymatic content of lysosomes.

cbhowland | Student

Lysosomes are enclosed by a single-layer membrane that allows the remainder of the cell to be protected from the harsh digestive enzymes that lysosomes use to break down and rid the cell of unwanted materials.  This membrane also allows the lysosome to maintain an acidic environment similar to that of the stomach that aids in this same digestion.

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