how are strategic planning and performance improvement fundamental to quality health care delivery

sciencesolve | Student

Strategic planning represents the most important management practice that generates fundamental conclusions and actions that shape and lead the health organization. The establishment of strategic objectives is made up based on guding principles of organization, these objectives allowing health organization to develop plans to achieve them.

Strategic planning becomes a problem when, for example, a hospital agrees the strategic objectives, the performance improvement programs and decisions to integrate the quality, but it does not ensure that the actions that are initiated at local level are following the objectives.

Another problem that may occur is the fact that if a local initiative works, it becomes difficult for best practices to be translated to other areas within the same health organization. It is important for the health care providers to gain and improve the ability to spread their best practices.

The favorable implementation of quality and improvement programs depends on the level of adjustment between the requests and needs of internal shareholders and strategic objectives of management.