How are the stories in Dubliners interlinked?

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The stories in James Joyce's book Dubliners are linked by setting and theme. All are set in the Irish city Dublin, and each one deals with some aspect of morality. Joyce described society as being in a "moral paralysis" and explained that his intention in writing these stories was "to write a chapter of the moral history of my country."

See the eNotes article on Themes and Characters (linked below) for discussion of how the stories reflect moral dilemmas in different times of life.

realove | Student

the stories of DUBLINERS are related by the setting and by the theme or common idea which is PARALYSIS? its by moral ,intellectual and emotional paralysis .

jono9 | Student

Look for examlpes of the "seven deadly sins" portrayed in individual stories.

For example "lust" in "The boarding House"

"sloth" in "counterparts"

"envy" in "A Little Cloud"

"wrath" in "Counterparts"

"pride" in "Clay

Also many of the stories have allusions to Dante

The best study on the subject is "The Unity of

dubliners" by  Brewster Ghiselin" which can be found in "Dubliners" Text Criticism and Notes edited byRobert Scholes and A walteon Litz

Most of the characters are paralized in some way, spiritually

emotionally, vicitms of circumstance.