How are stereotypical roles of men and women challenged?How are stereotypical roles of men and women challenged in the ad? The ad is in the following link:...

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Stereotypes are generalizations or broad statements. In the case of this commercial, the stereotype is based on gender roles. With that said, to comment properly on this commercial, it is important to know something of the context, that is, the audience. The intended audience of this passage is heterosexual men. Without this point, the commercial makes little sense.

So, when the man, who is trimming the hedges, is falling in love with and craving the doritos that the two men at the pool are eating, his wife perceives him to love the men instead of the doritos. She makes a face and she cannot believe that she married him. He sees her reaction and is embarrassed. The two men at the pool just go on their merry way. The commercial is weak, but if there is a challenge to the stereotypes of men and women, it is the fact that the two men at the pool are just lounging and sunbathing. I suppose the intended audience sees this as something women do. In the end, the commercial is a weak attempt at humor and role reversal.

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