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by William Shakespeare

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How does one begin a feature article on Romeo and Juliet's suicide in the film version of Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet? Among the things the feature article must discuss are their decisions, decisions of other characters, who is responsible for their deaths, and whether or not their love was real love.

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A feature article is a bit different from a hard news article, although they have their similarities. One advantage of a feature article is that the writer has a great deal more liberty to get creative. You don't need to start your first paragraph with the same who, what, where, when, why that you would for a hard news story. Instead, you can even gradually introduce the story in a way that draws the readers in and engages them. The most important thing to remember about a feature story is that it is a human-interest story about "people, places, and events" (Curtis). You also want to remember that the story must be very thoroughly researched and developed. Feature stories are much longer than hard news stories, so the writer has a great deal of leeway to get as colorful and descriptive as he/she wants to or needs to in order to fully relay the story and the whole point behind the story.

Here is an example of a feature story, though a bit old, on Prince William and Kate's engagement (Lyall, "Diana's...

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sabazaidi | Student

Start your article  with the introduction of love, analyze the term 'love' in the past and the present scenarios. Define the underpinnings of story related to love and identify the gaps, read in between the lines it will provide you with a better understanding of the love relationship between the two young characters and their pre- mature death. Also discuss the religious set up particularly the Roman Catholic sect as from this angle the bodies due to the suicide deaths are not permitted to be buried in the Catholic grave ward rather a separate place is allotted for such bodies. Again ponder over the past and the present set ups regarding religion ( Roman Catholic).