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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

by Mildred D. Taylor

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How does Stacey Logan show courage in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry?

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Stacey Logan shows courage throughout Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Although he is best-friends with T.J., he also isn’t afraid to stand up to him. When T.J. tries to cheat on the test Stacey’s mother (their teacher) gives the class, Stacey takes the blame because of his honor. After he is punished, he goes to find T.J. to fight him. When T.J. gets Stacey’s mother in trouble for crossing out the profanity in the textbooks they got from the white school, Stacey stops speaking to him, and the rest of the school follows suit. Stacey goes with his father and Mr. Morrisson to Vicksburg, even though it’s dangerous, not only to help but also to learn. And, at the end of the book, when T.J. is in grave danger from the lynch mob, Stacey stays nearby while his siblings run for Papa.

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Stacey shows courage by standing up to others and protecting his friend.

Stacey stands up for himself and what he believes in.  He has a very strong moral code.  For example, when Stacey gets in trouble at school for cheating, he takes the punishment without telling his mother that T.J. was the one who was actually cheating.

Course, now, she give him a chance to get out of it when he said he wasn’t cheatin’ and she asked him how he got them cheat notes. But Stacey wouldn’t tell on ole T.J., and you know good and well ole T.J. wasn’t ’bout to say them notes was his.” (Ch. 5)

Due to loyalty to his friend, Stacey refuses to give in even if it means that he will take the blame for something that someone else did.  We see Stacey’s maturity again when he confesses to his mom that he was in the Wallace store chasing after T.J.. He doesn’t care if he gets in trouble again, because he is brave enough to confess what he did and cunning enough to avoid telling the whole truth.

Stacey continues to stand up for what he believes in by protesting the whites-only school bus.  He and his siblings create ruts in the road and cause the bus to break an axle.  This captures the ire of the local racists, who are targeting African Americans for lessons.

Stacey sticks by T.J. even as his friend gets into serious trouble.  He comes to the Logan children injured after a mishap with his new "friends."  He got involved where he shouldn’t have, when they tried to rob a store and killed the owner.

As far back as I could remember, Stacey had felt a responsibility for T.J. I had never really understood why. Perhaps he felt that even a person as despicable as T.J. needed someone he could call “friend,” or perhaps he sensed T.J.’s vulnerability better than T.J. did himself. (Ch. 11)

 Stacey rescues him when the white men try to lynch him. He stands up for T.J. and Pa Logan sets his own crop on fire as a distraction.  Stacey clearly got his bravery and cleverness from his father.

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