How can I spread the word about eNotes? It's a really good site and people need to hear about it more!

Expert Answers
t-nez eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It sounds like you already think this site is useful and you're asking why it isn't better publicized. I agree that enotes is very useful! There are ways that enotes users can help get the word out. You can follow enotes on Facebook and Twitter. Retweet their tweets and share their posts with your social media network. When you ask for homework help and get a great answer, you can share that question and answer on Facebook or tweet it using the icons that show up with your question. 

As an educator I've made my colleagues and students aware of enotes. I also like and share enotes social media posts. This leads to questions from my friends and gives me an opportunity to tell them about enotes' quality content and their review processes that ensure professionalism. I've been an enotes educator for about six weeks and two of my teaching colleagues have already joined based on my enthusiasm. Let your friends know about enotes and encourage them to also spread the word!

vnessawong21 | Student

Personally, I believe this site is extremely useful for people that are intrigued to learn and to explore the in depths of education. It is a shame that eNotes is not used more than it should be. Many people do use the page, but a huge majority of students and learners do not. I agree with you, samantharjsnyder on the fact that eNotes is a really good site. People definitely do need to hear about this, and take advantage of the education and the lessons that can be learned through eNotes.