How does Soraya find redemption for her sin in The Kite Runner?  

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Soraya had committed a sin that was unforgivable to the strict Afghan community, and especially to her conservative father, General Taheri: She had run off with a man, done drugs, and had lived with him for a month. Her father had to forcibly return her to their home in Virginia, and her mother suffered a stroke because of the ordeal--a physical reminder that would always remind Soraya of her misdeed. They then moved to California to escape the shame that would forever follow them. She found her redemption in one way by simply confessing her sin to Amir, who forgave her and still wanted to marry her.

I envied her. Her secret was out. Spoken. Dealt with... I suspected there were many ways in which Soraya Taheri was a better person than me.

She redeemed herself again when she invited Baba to live with them during his final days battling the cancer that would kill him, and nursing him when necessary. She atones for her sin by unquestioningly allowing Amir to return to Pakistan and, later, Afghanistan, so he can seek the redemption that he so badly desires, following Rahim Khan's promise that

There is a way to be good again.

Finally, Soraya accepts Sohrab into their family, fulfilling her own redemption and Amir's as well, and finding a way to create their own family after her unsuccessful attempts to give birth herself.

gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As was mentioned in the previous post, Soraya brought shame to her family by running away with an Afghan man when she was eighteen years old. Fortunately, Soraya's father rescued her by forcing her to leave the man and proceeded to move the family to California. However, Soraya's mother had a stroke while her daughter was living with the Afghan man, who was on drugs, and Soraya felt extremely guilty when she returned home. In a way, Soraya redeems herself by telling Amir the secrets of her past. Her act of confession emotionally redeems her from her past sins, unlike Amir, who continues to repress his feelings of guilt. As Amir and Soraya begin their life together, Soraya is a supportive wife who encourages her husband in everything he does. She selflessly cares for Baba during his last days and allows Amir to travel back to the Middle East to clear his conscience. Her ultimate act of redemption happens when she accepts Sohrab into her home as her adopted son. Soraya's selfless act saves Sohrab's life and provides Amir his opportunity to find redemption.

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