How does Song of Solomon follow the hero's journey archetype?

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"The Hero's Journey," or "the monomyth," originates with Joseph Campbell, a mythologist who detailed this story structure in his work The Hero With a Thousand Faces. The Hero's Journey consists of several steps that a person must endure to achieve some goal.

The Hero's Journey is commonly found in coming-of-age novels, also known as bildungsromans, such as Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. In the bildungsroman, a young person must leave the familiarity of home to grow, mature, and ultimately see the returns on their efforts.

As a bildungsroman, Song of Solomon contains many elements of the Hero's Journey archetype. To see this, one can break down the Hero's Journey into its component parts and identify moments within the story in which the monomythic structure is evident.

1. The Ordinary World: Protagonist Milkman Dead lives an idle existence without much regard for the world around him, surrounded by several relatives: his father, his aunt Pilate, and best friend, Guitar Bains.

2. The Call to...

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