How is someone's dignity taken away from them?  

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There are various ways a person may have their dignity taken away from them. One way may occur with declining health. As people age or become sick, they may not be able to do things that we take for granted. For example, a person who needs to be fed by somebody else in order to eat may feel a loss of dignity. A person who needs help in getting dressed, being bathed, or getting out of bed may feel the loss of their dignity. Unfortunately, many of our elderly experience this before they die.

Another way people may lose dignity is if others humiliate them, especially if this is done publicly. When a person is put down, ridiculed, or embarrassed in front of other people, they may feel a drop in their self-worth or dignity. Humiliation can be very damaging to a person. Even if it is done privately, the humiliation could have a long-lasting negative impact. Public or private humiliation could result in the loss of dignity.

A person who is falsely accused of some action may have his or her reputation harmed because of the resulting negative publicity. This may also cause a person to lose his or her dignity.

Having one’s dignity taken away is a free serious situation.

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