how to solve graphs in geometry?

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To graph equations, you'll have to follow the next steps:

- you'll have to draw the Cartesian coordinate system, namely the x horizontal axis and the y vertical axis, which is perpendicular to x axis at the point (0,0), called the origin of the system of coordinates.

- write the equation such as y to be isolated to the left side:

y = ax^n + bx^n-1 + ....

- plug in x values, from the domain of definition of the function whose equation is y = ax^n + bx^n-1 + .... For each x value will correspond a y value, such as you'll get specific pair of coordinates (x,y).

- graph the coordinates counting x units onĀ  the x axis and y units on y axis and mark these points.

- draw the graph of the function that passes through all these marked points.

Note that the curve depends on the type of expression of the function: if the function is linear, the graph will be a straight line and if the function is quadratic, the graph will be a parabola.

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