How to solve & write the following as a fraction? (^ are exponents) X^4÷(3x^-3).

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You need to place the term from left `(x^4)`  over the line that represents division operation and the right term `(3x^(-3))`  under this line such that:


`x^4`  represents the numerator of fraction and `3x^(-3)`  represents denominator.

You need to divide the coefficient of numerator by coefficient of denominator such that:


You need to remember that resultt of division of two powers that have the same base is the base raised to the difference of exponents such that:

`(x^4)/(x^(-3)) = x^(4 - (-3)) = x^(4+3) = x^7`

Hence, evaluating the division yields `x^4/(3x^(-3)) = x^7/3` .

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