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baxthum8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Solve `7y^5 (2y^8+7y^6)`


`7y^5*2y^8 + 7y^5* 7y^6`

When multiplying exponents with the same base the rule is to add  the exponents.

(i.e. `a^2*a^3 = a^5)`

Now apply this rule:

`14y^13 + 49y^11`

Can't add unless variables are the same degree.

The solution is `14y^13 + 49y^11.`


kingattaskus12 eNotes educator| Certified Educator


Multiply `7y^5` by each term inside the parentheses `(2y^8+7y^6)`


Multiply the numerical coefficients of each term and add the exponents of the same base.




malkaam | Student

`( 7y^5 )( 2y^8 + 7y^6)`

To solve this the distributive property is applied here i.e. 7y^5 is multiplied by both values in the second bracket in order to open the brackets (7 is multiplied by 2 and then the powers are added, then 7 is multiplied by 7 and the powers are added): 

`14y^13 + 49y^11` Answer.

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