Simplify 4489 using prime factors.

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To simplify 4489 in terms of prime factors it is important to understand prime numbers.

Prime numbers are those numbers that have only themselves and the number 1 as factors; for example, 2 can only be obtained by multiplying `1times 2` ; similarly for 3,5,7 11,13 17,19 and so on. Consider the number 4 - it can be obtained by multiplying `1 times 4 `  but also `2 times 2`  so it cannot be a prime number. The number 2 is the ONLY even number which is prime as of course all other even numbers are divisible by 2.

So to `4489` .It is in fact `67^2` . 67 has no other factors except 1, rendering it (67) a prime number. Therefore we cannot reduce it further.  

Therefore, 4489 expressed in terms of prime factors is 67 x 67 or `67^2`