How does Sofi begin building a community of resistance?

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Sofia's civic action is how she begins to build a community of resistance.

Sofia's resistance operates outside of the traditionally prescribed realm for women.  Convention dictates that she find her life's purpose as a daughter, wife, and mother. However, Sofia recognizes that meaning in her life will not be found through these narrow constructions.  Her attempts at resistance exist outside of the reality that many women like her must endure.

Sofi builds a community of resistance through civic action. One example of this is when she runs for mayor:  "Then why stop at mayor? Why not elect herself la juez de paz or Ja comandante of Tome as they had had in the old days? Why not be Queen of Tome for that matter?"  Sofi recognizes that she can bring people together through political activism.  She works towards organizing laborers and farmers, the poorest of society.  Sofi builds community through public works that benefit more people and gives voice to the voiceless.  At the end of the novel Sofi founds an organization dedicated to mothers who have seen their children die young.  This is another civic action whose intent is to develop a communitarian form of resistance.  She does not accept that her powerlessness to combat pain.  Rather, she establishes strength through forging bonds with others. In doing so, her political actions help form a resistance in developing a stronger community. 

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