How does sociology help us to better understand how our own society functions?

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Sociology provides a framework which allows us to consider how humans all fit together on this planet—and hopefully how we can strive toward more meaningful interactions with each other. It helps us inspect our own place in a diverse world and how we individually influence group actions. Sociology looks at customs and norms of groups, making the social world seem less haphazard as we begin to see patterns of behavior that extend across cultures and then highlight the contrasts that are unique to individual societies.

The need to belong is an essential part of the human experience; people who cannot understand how societies work are more likely to live on the fringes of it and feel isolated. Sociology provides a way to intentionally learn about the constructs of societies, helping to both understand those on the fringes and the needs of the societal group.

Sociology examines group behaviors, families, customs, values, governments, principles of economics, and more. By examining these...

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