Sociology and Philosophy Questions and Answers
by Émile Durkheim

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How sociology helps in education?

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Sociology helps in the process of education in several ways.  One way is that sociology represents education.  The study of how people and societies interact within one another and themselves is, in part, the essence of education.  The process of teaching and learning is a social process- teachers and students, students with one another, both with people outside of the classroom and bringing those experiences into the classroom setting- are all examples of how our social interactions impact our learning.  Effective teaching and learning is not an isolated process.  Students enter the classroom with their own senses of reality, experience, and narratives and teachers have to acknowledge and integrate this into the classroom setting and the learning process.  The notion of students entering a classroom and divorcing it from their own social experiences is not an effective paradigm in the modern setting.  Perhaps, this is because students have greater interactions on a social level with the proliferation of information technology and socially interactive networking.  They bring this cultural capital into the classroom and teachers have to strive to understand this sociological element into the process of teaching and learning.  Additionally, students' backgrounds demand that teachers comprehend how different societies interact within one other in order to maximize learning.  The heterogeneous classroom is one predicated upon different modes of social interaction, and a teachers' understanding of this sociological component could be a defining in determining success or failure in the reciprocal process of teaching and learning.

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By attempting to analyse individual and social needs, it helps in planning and formulating theories and policies for the greater good. Sociology focuses on the impact of religion, culture, race, language, and education on the individual as well as the society. It also seeks to explain various issues such as war, ethnic diversity, racial conflicts, mob behaviour, gender discrimination etc. The objective analysis of such issues can help in suggesting ways to resolve the same.Those working in the field of social work, education, government, community welfare can greatly benefit by a degree in Sociology. Since these professionals have to deal with individuals and groups, a degree in Sociology helps them in understanding their target groups. Even in the field of social research, understanding of Sociology helps in devising questionnaire, collecting data, and formulating plans based on the information collected.

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