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How does the sociological perspective relate to social work?

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The sociological perspective is the way a sociologist views, classifies, studies, and theorizes on social groups and social interactions. The sociological perspective is an academic perspective based on the tenets of academic and scientific reasoning: objectivity, discourse, experimental protocol, etc. The sociological perspective yields specific theories that help make sense of social interaction. 

Social work is the practice of applying these theories in order to help individuals to become better adjusted to their social groups. Individuals may struggle to operate functionally within family settings or other interpersonal relationships. Or, they may have difficulty adjusting to social norms or expectations. Social work takes the findings of sociology and uses them at a practical level in order to help people to function better within their social groups. Sociology can be understood as the philosophical underpinning of social work. Conversely, social work can be understood as the practical application of sociological theory -- for the help and improvement of individuals in society. 

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