How "socio-cultural space" or "cultural space" can be defined (according to social anthropology or sociology)?

gopikrishna | Student

sociocultural space. To understand the nature of this space, let me move back down the ladder of abstraction to deal with individual meanings. Now, a meaning (as both content and value), such as "hot dog," "traffic court," "associate professor," is nested in some particular society and culture. Societies and cultures are particular systems of meanings, as can be seen easily from the various youth cultures and institutions like universities, and as any foreign traveler is aware. A specific meaning is but a sociocultural manifestation, reflecting fundamental common and unique properties, causes, conditions, and interactions underlying these complexes. That is, our daily meanings manifest sociocultural latents either common to all societies and cultures or unique to one. Unique latent meanings are those resulting from wholly individual cultural experiences, such as a flood, an invasion, a bloody revolution, or based on cultural relationships to a unique environment, dominated say by a high mountain, excessive rains, or surrounding ocean or desert. These unique latents may be fully absorbed into the core culture, as with the Eskimos, the Polynesians, the Jews, and the Arabs, or may be congeries (in Sorokin's sense)--fellow travelers, camp followers of the core cultural system, temporarily related in time and space to the major cultural values, but living an existence independent of the core culture and fated to go their own way. Such are rock music, miniskirts, minority quota representational systems, youth subcultures, consumer interest groups, and so on, to the core American culture