How does the snowman bring Jem, Atticus, and Scout closer in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Jem and Scout work together to build the snowman with their father's input. First, Scout and Jem gather all the snow they can find outside using a basket. Jem tells Scout that they will make a full-sized snowman. Jem uses a mixture of dirt and snow to create the snowman's torso. Their snowman has a large stomach, and the children decide he looks like Mr. Avery. They continued to build the snowman:

Using bits of wood for eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons, Jem succeeded in making Mr. Avery look cross. A stick of stovewood completed the picture. Jem stepped back and viewed his creation (Chapter 8).

When Atticus comes home, he admires their snowman. He had not thought they would be able to find enough snow. Atticus continues to look at the snowman, and he realizes it looks like Mr. Avery. He suggests they disguise it. Atticus gives them advice:

Atticus suggested that Jem hone down his creation's front a little, swap a broom for the stovewood, and put an apron on him.

Atticus tells the children that they "can't go around making caricatures of the neighbors." Jem has an idea, and he runs over to Miss Maudie's house. He borrows her hat and hedge-trimmers and places them on the snowman. Miss Maudie pretends to be upset, and they are all amused.

Working together, the children and their father transform the snowman from Mr. Avery to Miss Maudie. They enjoy their time spent together, which brings them closer. Usually, Scout and Jem play alone without their father.

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