HOw smart are you...answer this questionThere are three apples in a basket. If i take 2 aplles how many do i have?  

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The earlier answers leave little left to be said. I have to admit that I hate questions like this because my mind is not as logical and careful as I wish it were.  However, the value of questions like this is precisely that they remind me of the need to be more logical and careful in my thinking.  Thanks for sharing this.

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There is no way to answer the question without knowing how many apples you already have. If you are holding two apples and you take two from the basket, you now have four. I agree with the above answer. Don't make assumptions that things are as simple as they seem.
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There are numberless variations of that same theme. The moral of such questions is to listen carefully and not make assumptions - take the information you are given at face value and don't add anything to it!

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Looks like post 2 really set everyone up to pass this test. So, I thank litlady33 and say, "I have two apples."


I'd like to know if you were asked this question and failed and so wanted to go "gotcha" on someone else. If so, I can relate.

That's a nice brainteaser.

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This depends.  Are the apples in the basket yours as well?  If they are, then you still have three apples because you own the one in the basket as well as the ones that you have taken out.  So it depends on the ownership of the apple(s) in the basket.

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Probably nobody has paid attetion in the words - 'apples' and 'aplles'. If he takes two "aplles", he has taken no "apples". Thus he will have none.