• How does Simon describe the buds on the unusual bush?

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    In chapter one, Ralph, Simon, and Jack head out on an expedition to discover whether or not there are any inhabits on the island and to get a general understanding of their new environment. After the boys traverse through the forest and climb the mountain, they head back to the base camp on the beach to inform the other boys about their discoveries. On their way back to the platform on the beach, Simon stops underneath the trees and takes note of the unusual surrounding bushes. Simon mentions that the unusual flower buds look like candles and refers to them as "Candle buds." The dark evergreen bushes have an aromatic scent to them and Jack proceeds to slash a bud open with his knife. Ralph comments that the boys cannot eat the buds and agrees with Simon that the flower buds do resemble candles. Jack also remarks that the flower buds resemble green candles and the boys continue their journey back to the base camp.

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