Shays's Rebellion

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How significant was Shays's Rebellion of 1786?

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A more nearly correct answer would be that Shay's Rebellion was a clear and compelling indication that the Confederation government under which the U.S. was operating simply did not work. The end result is that the leaders of the nation concluded that a strong central government was needed. George Washington commented that

We have probably had too good an opinion of human nature in forming our Confederation.

The Confederation government had been created with the purpose of avoiding a strong central government. However, with the end of the Revolutionary war, the several states no longer had a...

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maria-vivanco | Student

Shays rebellion was significant because it made the elites realize that the states had too much power and the central government didn't have enough power which led to revisions of the articles of confederation which led to the constitutioN.

Yojana_Thapa | Student

Shay's Rebellion:

  • Sparked by the frustrations of Massachusetts farmers who were losing their farms because they could not pay debts in hard currency
  • Was provoked by foreclosures on the mortgages of backcountry farmers
  • An armed group of poor rebel farmers led by Daniel Shay in response to crushing debt and taxes


  • Convinced many Americas of the need for a stronger central government
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samjazael123 | Student

It was the first time americans actually banded together to end government greed. To be exact it is all due to the raising of taxes and the taking away of peoples homes. "It would later be a precursor to create the homestead act." which only little by little fixed the problem. Though today the home owning process has changed since that time, I know that the rise of capatalism was a huge mistake as it began during the civilwar, yet the corruption started after president Abe Lincoln. Capitalism is a step the government created to make sure people didn't rebell against government. Though I think it just made things worse. Shays rebellion was a huge success, yet it also created bigger problems. Especially a question to the Elite. My belief is that Shays rebellion was not so successful after all as it only furthered the progress of the elite which made the government less favorable for the meek. Shays rebellion created nothing, but big government. I am not a conservative, but capitalism does need to go or at least changed to suit the meek.