Which was more important in causing inflation in British Africa in the 1950s -- WWII or the Cold War?  

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of these two, World War II is the more important cause of inflation in Africa during the 1950s.  

While Great Britain was an important player in the Cold War, the Cold War was not nearly as impactful as WWII when it came to the British economy.  WWII was a total war.  Britain had to mobilize its entire economy to fight the war.  This left Britain in very poor economic condition after the war.  This was a major reason for inflation in Britain and in its empire.  By contrast, the Cold War was not a total war in any way.  It did not put huge economic burdens on Britain and its empire and, therefore, it did not serve as a major cause of inflation.

hmic96 | Student

im guessing it is ww11 becuase they were not involed in the cold war. the cold war was only between soviets and americans....

astrosonuthird | Student

World War 2, the most disaterous war ever occured.