How is the significance of the title Brave New World conveyed through sarcasm and irony?

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In order to show how absurd the values of the future society are, Huxley uses satire, parody, and irony. Sentimentality is satirized by having the citizens sing sentimental songs about the "dear old bottle", singing about the test tube in which they were grown. It's truly ironic that one would get nostalgic about being a test-tube baby.

In Huxley's dystopian society, people are controlled by the offering of excess pleasure instead of using force. There's no free will, except for the Controllers. Anyone who gets upset just swallows a pill to feel better.  Even more ironic is the Controllers' use of science and technology to control the people, but no person is allowed to have any knowledge of science and technology so they won't know they're being controlled.

One of the sharpest ironies in the book is that individuality still survives the conditioning of the Controllers. Marx and Watson are examples of dissidents who feel they are different and show elements of nonconformity. People who want creativity or diversity are exiled to the remote corners of the world.

The futuristic society is anything but new or brave. Huxley gets readers to compare his world to our contemporary world since the futuristic world is an exaggeration of our own. We can see what would happen if we allow our world to become absurd. We see this in our use of pills today to make everything better.

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