How should I write an 8 sentence paragraph for The Leap by Louise Erdrich? I'm really having difficulty on understanding how to write for this.

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When you write a paragraph, you must first decide what it will be about.  What are you trying to say about The Leap?  Do you want to discuss theme, the characters, the meaning of the title, or whether you like this author?  Why is the story called The Leap?  Let's say you decide to discuss why the story's title is the perfect title.  Make a list of everything you know about leaps which happen in the story.  Then set up your topic sentence such as "Several events in the story The Leap make this the perfect title."  Then discuss three of the leaps in the story describing how they happened and what they mean in the story.  How do they relate to the title?  Then create a conclusion sentence which sums up why you think the story's title fits so well.  With enough examples and why you think the examples are important, you should be able to easily get to eight sentences.  The usual problem is that students just write a list of the leaps without showing what happens or explaining why they are important.

sagar448 | Student

do it yourself why should i give u ze answer