How should the U.S. presecute its war against global terrorism over the next several years? Should the U.S. become more  aggressive in taking preemptive action in accordance with the Bush Doctrine ? Or should the U.S. be more diplomatic in its engagement with foreign nations be and take a self power approach ?

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Well, we are at war in two separate nations, we have 200,000 troops in harm's way with another 250,000 "private contractors" there.  We have created a whole new division of government as a result of 9/11, we have predator drone strikes along the Pakistani-Afghan frontier against Al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership, we've given $6 billion in military aid to Pakistan so they will conduct offensives in Waziristan against Islamic radicals, we have a proxy war through Ethiopia in Somalia to prevent the country from being taken over by Al-Qaeda.  We've just enlisted Yemen to tame radical tribes in their country.  We have 100,000 people on a no-fly list, and Guantanamo Bay prison camp is still open.

So I guess my question is, what would more aggressive look like?

Terrorism and radical Islam are ideas, not nations.  It seems to me the only thing left that we can do that would be both more aggressive and more effective is to try and build schools, hospitals and roads and create jobs in the poorest regions of the Middle East, where terrorism and radicalism are born.  Crushing poverty and radical madrassa schools are the incubators of the terrorism we're at war with.

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I definitely think that the United States needs to become more aggressive when dealing with terrorists organizations. The fact of the matter is, terrorists will never become more diplomatic with us. It is their goal to bring America down and no matter how diplomatic or fair we try to be, they will never play fair.

As far as working with foreign nations goes then I believe we need to be diplomatic but aggressive and firm at the same time. Other nations need to know that the United States is a strong nation and we won't be bullied. This country was built as as a strong nation and I fear that we may be getting too soft. In doing so it could make us weak and look like an easy target.

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This may not be agreeable to some people, but unfortunately this "polite" new way of handling people might be putting us at risk considering that neither the Taliban nor half of the enemies that have attacked us directly in history have done so "politely".

I do not think the 9/11 attacks can be forgiven nor forgotten. It was a horrendous crime committed against us in our own turf with utmost malice. It showed us that we definitely need to keep our arms up and increase the power and quality of our military.

Most importantly, intelligence should be accounted for. I am in shock at how many people have hacked the Central Intelligence Agency and military intelligence files in the past years. There is clearly something quite wrong in the way the Defense Intelligence is being handled, delivered and protected. If anything, that is the first thing we need to do : A good quality study on our intelligence department.

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