How should I study William Shakespeare's "As You Like It?"  

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Plays were meant to be seen rather than read. You might start by watching the BBC film version, to get a general idea of the play. Then you might want to read a bit about the historical background and setting. Then you will be ready to read the play itself. First, you should read the real thing; avoid the so-called translations. Much of the point of the play is Shakepeare's language. At times, the language will be unfamiliar, but this is a great opportunity to expand your vocabulary. Whenever you encounter a word you don't know, write it on an index card, look up the definition, and write the definition on the back of your card. Review your Shakespeare vocabulary cards just as you review foreign language vocabulary, and you will find that the farther along you get in this and other literary works, the easier it will become to read them.

is00 | Student

Reading Shakespearean dramas are just like undertaking  adventures. Instead of viewing Shakespeare through the coloured-spectacles of the eminent critics, one should try to see them in his/her own eyes. Shakespeare should be read in original remembering the typical vocabulary of the Bard.

'As you like it'  is an entertaining drama with all the Shakespearean traits.It should be read like a serious treatise on life.Each and every word requires  to be understood properly.Casual overview of the drama will make it a boring reading.

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