The Princess Bride by William Goldman

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How should I start and conclude an essay on the film The Princess Bride?

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The previous post did a great job of articulating the major points that should be included in an essay.  I would propose that the initial answer to this question should lie in your thesis statement.  You will have to identify what it is that you intend on proving in your essay.  Once you have determined that, I think you can introduce it around that idea.  The introduction can make direct reference to specific elements of the film's plot, of which the previous post would be very useful. It might also hone in on a specific point that will be expanded throughout the paper.  In your conclusion, reminding the reader of the points made will be helpful, in addition to trying to evoke the overall meaning and significance of the film.  I would propose that a good introduction or conclusion would include some references to the film that a seasoned viewer would comprehend fully.  For example, dropping the word "inconceivable" in a well timed situation can go far on both introduction and/ or conclusion ends.

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The Princess Bride is adapted from the William Goldman's children's book of same and directed by Rob Reiner, who usually directs adult comedies.  Goldman said he wrote the book for his daughter, and said it was an amalgam of stories read to him as a child.  Like Shrek, it is a spoof of traditional Brothers Grimm fairy tales with both child and adult humor.

First, it has a frame story, brilliantly narrated by Peter Faulk.  The crux of the story revolves around storytelling.  Faulk delivers the movie's best line when he...

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